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My favorite moment is hearing from trainees that following a session to which they entered with back/neck/knee/shoulder pain, the pain is gone! I mark it as a triumph to Pilates training system. Nowadays more physicians and physiotherapists recommend Pilates for body maintenance. Change surely does not happen after one session, but it does occur, for each one in his/her own pace – one day you notice that your back is more upright (and not only when you leave the studio), that the knee does not bother you and that back pain is no longer a frequent visitor.

I believe that Pilates is more than a way to train. More than anything it brings awareness: to one's body, breath and hence – to one's soul. The connection between body and soul is so obvious: when shoulders and chest open and the body becomes tall and erect, you can breathe more easily, walk gracefully and energetically and then it is easier to smile to the world.

about me

reut ben yaakov

Studio owner and the main instructor, she was acquainted with Pilates after years of working with people: tour - guiding, swimming instructor, English teacher.

A graduate of Physical Education at the Wingate institute, she holds an M.A in Women's Studies from Lesley University in Boston. She was trained to be a Pilates instructor specializing in the Block System by Maya Ben-Yaakov and has been instructing since 2008.

After managing a Pilates studio in Modiin, she fulfilled her dream and opened Nur Pilates in Jaffa. Following the opening of the studio she relocated to Jaffa with her children.

the studio

The studio is located in the heart of a colorful and vibrant residential and commercial area, between Ajami and Tzahalon. 

access is easy on foot and in public transportation (all lines that go to Yeffet st. and the local shuttle "Yaffoit" in Tzihattly st., and parking is easy on the street or in a free parking lot close by.

The studio is situated in a private yard, allowing quality time in a space both intimate and spacious. It is equipped with state of the art complete equipment: Reformers, Cadilac, Wunda chair, High Barrell, Spine Corrector, Bodhi straps and small equipment.

the studio

The Block system

Working with the Block system, trainees exercise according to their personal abilities or disabilities, their posture, pains, limitations, needs, etc. workout is done privately, even within the group (of 5 trainees maximum).

The structure of each class ensures training of the whole body, providing a frame to personal development and creativity and allows flexibility within this very clear frame of action. Thus, every exercise is significant within the sequence of movements in the class.

Work is not done casually but in a combination of body and mind and in a constant quest of the Pilates principles: Awareness, Balance, Breathing, Concentration, finding the Center (not only the physical center of gravity but also of the mind and spirit), Control, movement Efficiency, Flow, Punctuality and Harmony.

the system
join us

How to start

We start with 3 paid introduction classes. These sessions are either private or semi-private (2 people) and their purpose is mutual acquaintance, evaluation of abilities and disabilities, identify problems (if exist), and getting to know the general idea of the work system ("The Block") and the general structure of a session.

The next phase is deciding whether to continue taking private, semi-private or group (up to 5 people) sessions.

Payment for group sessions is by purchasing a card of 10/20/40/60 sessions – you pay for a session taken and not for the ones you cancelled (in time!).

Come and try us!

Working hours:

Mornings: 7:30-12:30 on

Sunday,Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Evenings: 17:30-21:30 on

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday.

Call 054-4807957.

Do not hesitate to leave a text message or leave your details here,

or leave a message in our "Nur Pilates in Jaffa" Facebook page,

and I will get back to you promptly.

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Nur Pilates

نور بيلاتيس

נור פילאטיס

Reut Ben Yaakov


16 Avodat Israel St. , Jaffa

Nur pilates in Jaffa 

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